Hindenburg Burning at Lakehurst

As the Hindenburg airship burns in a massive fire, at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, Navy Chief Petty Officer Frederick J. “Bull” Tobin realizes people need help.

In charge of the U.S. Navy’s landing crew, he cries-out:

Navy men, stand fast!

As others run from the wreckage, sailors run toward it.

Who was Tobin? The U.S. Naval Institute provides information about him:

Tobin was an enlisted airship pilot and highly experienced airshipman who was in charge of the Navy landing party.

As the ship began to crash and people on the ground ran for their lives, Tobin, realizing there were people aboard the ship who would need help, cried out to his sailors: “Navy men, Stand fast!”

Tobin had survived the crash of USS Shenandoah [an American airship], and he was not about to abandon those in peril on an airship, even if it meant his own life. And his sailors agreed.

Films of the disaster show sailors running toward the burning ship, while others ran away, to rescue survivors.

The death toll could have been even worse than it was. Sixty-two people survived while thirty-five passengers/crew and one member of the ground crew died.

The U.S. Navy and and Marine Corps has honored Tobin for the heroic actions he took to help the injured.

The Museum's plaque quotes another part of Tobin's order:

We've got to get those people out of there!

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U.S. Navy Photo; online via the U.S. Naval Institute. Public Domain.


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