Hiroshima - Miyuki Bridge Injuries

Photo taken of victims at Miyuki Bridge in Hiroshima, Japan following the bombing

This image depicts people at the Miyuki Bridge not long after the Hiroshima bomb exploded.

Yoshito Matsushige survived the bomb - he saw evidence of the explosion from his window - and went to Hiroshima’s center to see if he could help.  A photojournalist, he took his camera with him. 

Initially, fires limited his movements.  He ended-up at Miyuki Bridge.

Sickened by what he saw, he initially could not take any pictures of the suffering and carnage.  When he did take 24 exposures, he could not develop them for many days.

This image depicts people on the Miyuki Bridge who were trying to put soothing oil on their wounds.  The Hiroshima Peace Institute has a transcript of Matsushige’s testimony regarding his photos.  It includes these words:

There I saw a crowd of people whose burned skin was slithering off them.  As time went by, the street filled with more and more people so hideously injured that even their gender was unclear.  A policeman punched a hole in a can of oil brought from the Ujina Police Station and applied the liquid to the victims' burns. What did these people at death's door think of me as I recorded this scene in photographs without lending a hand to the many fighting for life. Sensing that hundreds saw me as a coldhearted, uncompassionate wretch, it was all I could do to click the shutter twice.

He also said this:

I fought with myself for 30 minutes before I could take the first picture. After taking the first, I grew strangely calm and wanted to get closer. I took about ten steps forward and tried to snap another, but the scenes I saw were so gruesome my viewfinder clouded with tears...

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Image, described above, online courtesy Hiroshima Peace Institute.


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