Hitler Invades Belgium - German Newsreel Reports

For most of World War II, Germany provided its citizens with newsreel updates on the war’s progress. This is one of those newsreels, reporting on events during the week of May 15, 1940.  The following explains the video’s content, in English.

May 15, 1940. UFA Tonwoche No. 506. Against an impending enemy extension of the war in the territory of Belgium and Holland, and with that a drive into the Ruhr by the Allies, the German West Army has undertaken an offensive on a wide front across the German western borders in the early morning hours of May 10.

Bridge obstacles have been removed. A Luxembourg customs official is led away. Here, an iron border gate is taken down. The remainder is removed with hammers and torches.

In Luxembourg there was hardly any resistance offered. Placards inform the local population. The tanks advance over the cobblestone streets. The columns move forward according to plan. The advance towards the decisive battle in the West has begun.

A concrete barrier is unable to halt the column. Rolling stock makes its way quickly through Luxembourg.  Security troops keeps a look-out.

Our brave infantry is greeted by the German border population. Everywhere the German infantry are given refreshments. The advance into Belgium continues at the same time.

Here the border barriers are removed in only a short time. The path leads over ruined roads. A tank assists in clearing the roads. Our troops are given a warm welcome by the German population of Eupen-Malmedy, which had been cut off from the rest of Germany.

The Luftwaffe has attained supremacy from the first hours in action. Infantry climb aboard a transport aircraft. They are given a special task. In quick flight they are taken to their goal, while marching columns move far below them.

In rolling attacks, bombers and Stukas support the advancing infantry. Enemy defensive installations, defensive positions, marching columns and troop concentrations are attacked from the air. Railroads and bridges are damaged or destroyed.

The enemy airbases have been cleared in the first great attack - the result of one German bomb.T hus everywhere railway lines and stations have been reduced to rubble, preventing the enemy from moving supplies.

Here, enemy aircraft have bombed the defenseless city of Freiburg in Breisgau (Baden-Württemberg). Schools, kindergartens and hospitals have been destroyed or heavily damaged. Fifty persons have been killed - including 13 children - as a result of this brutal and unscrupulous attack upon this defenseless German city.

Media Credits

German Weekly Newsreel - UFA Ton Woche No. 506 - for the week of May 15, 1940.  Clip online, courtesy Skoblin’s channel at YouTube.


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