House Members Approve Missouri as "Slave State"

This image, a page from the Congressional Record, reflects the final House debate on allowing slavery in the new state of Missouri.

Although the words are nineteenth-century, the conundrums still apply in the twenty-first:

...However devoutly it is to be wished that men, under the keen anguish of disappointment and mortification, were wise, patriotic, moderate, and obedient to the laws, we have no reason to expect it.  A very recent example of the base lengths of depravity to which men suffer their party madness to carry them, and at a time too when the country is in the deepest distress, will forever forbid us to cherish this vain hope...

When the vote in the House of Representatives was taken, to allow slavery in Missouri, it passed by 90 to 87.

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Media Credits

Image, Library of Congress

History of Congress
Admission of Missouri

March, 1820
Pages 1585-86


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