House Where Jesse James Was Fatally Shot

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This image depicts the home of Zee and Jesse James in its present location. 

Jesse was killed inside this house—on April 3, 1882—when it was situated at 1318 Lafayette Street in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Today the James home is still located in St. Joseph, but is has been moved to the corner of 12th Street and Mitchell Avenue.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

How was it that Jesse James, of all people, died from a bullet fired at him in his own home? Because Jesse did something that he almost never did ... he took off his gun belt, removed his revolvers and laid them down (within reach but not close enough to defend himself).

With his back turned to Bob Ford, a visitor at the James home, Jesse stood on a chair to fix a picture hanging on the wall. Wasting no time, Bob pulled his gun and shot Jesse in the back of the head.

Ford had made a deal with the governor. If he killed the notorious outlaw, Ford would get a substantial monetary reward. 

Jesse’s death caused a national sensation. It also prevented Jesse from pulling off another robbery.

Among other reasons, Charley and Robert Ford were at Jesse’s home to plan a heist in Platte City. Instead of heading over to Platte City, Jesse ended-up being identified by his partially missing middle finger and two prior bullet wounds.

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