How to Find Larger Versions of Thumbnail Images

If you're working on a project, and all you can find is a thumbnail-sized image of a photo you need, how do you locate larger versions of the same image (which also include information about the source)?

Let's walk this through by using an Eiffel-Tower example.

We have located a 19th-century image of people working on the tower, at the Eiffel Tower's official website, but the image is too small to study the details. Furthermore, it does not include any source information. We don't even know the approximate date which the illustration depicts.

Our challenge is to find a larger version of the picture, which also includes the information we need to explain its background and source.

  • With your cursor over the image, use the “right click” feature on your mouse, calling up “View Image.”
  • Then “left click” on the image. Its URL will appear in the browser.
  • Copy that URL. Paste it into the search-engine’s search bar and hit “enter.”
  • The search will return this statement (or something like it): “For matching images, try search by image.”
  • Click on “Search by Image.”
  • Scroll down until you see “Pages that include matching images.”
  • Look for an official or educational site since it will likely provide details about the image which you need for proper citation.
  • Follow the link to that site and determine whether it contains the materials you need.

Following this process, we reach a "Special Collections" page at the University of Glasgow's website. This "Special Collection" has a larger version of the image, we are investigating, plus it gives us information about the image's source.

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Original Release: Oct 13, 2015

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Thumbnail image of men working on the Eiffel Tower, online via the Eiffel Tower website.


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