Howard Carter

Howard Carter

When Howard Carter saw King Tut's sarcophagus, he suspected there would be treasures inside.  This image depicts Carter, in 1922, after he found the ultimate treasure of King Tut's tomb.

Why did Carter believe there would be treasures inside the sarcophagus?

...ancient Egyptians placed mummies inside several coffins.  Carter found a wooden coffin inside the sarcophagus.  A smaller gilded coffin was inside the first one.  A third coffin was made of solid gold.  It weighed about 240 pounds (110 kilograms).  Each coffin had King Tut's face carved into it. 

King Tut's mummy was inside the solid gold coffin.  A shiny gold mask of Tut's face was on the mummy's head.  Fifteen rings decorated the king's fingers.  (King Tut's Tomb: Ancient Treasures Uncovered, by Michael Burgan, pages 14-15.)

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Image online, Egyptian Museum.


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