I-58 Submarine Torpedoed USS Indianapolis

I-58 Submarine Torpedoed USS Indianapolis World History World War II


A Japanese submarine, known as I-58, attacked the USS Indianapolis with a torpedo, sinking the U.S. ship in about twelve minutes.

What do we know about the I-58 ?  The Naval Historical Center, part of the Department of the Navy, provides some helpful information:

I-58, a 2140-ton “B(3) Type” submarine, was built at Yokosuka, Japan. Completed in September 1944, she was modified in 1945 to carry the “Kaiten” manned torpedo.

On 30 July 1945, while operating between the Marianas and the Philippines, she encountered the U.S. heavy cruiser Indianapolis and sank her with conventional torpedoes.

I-58 was surrendered at the end of World War II, and was scuttled off Goto, Japan, on 1 April 1946.

This image depicts the ship as she is prepared for scuttling, off Sasebo, Japan, during an Operation known as “Road's End.”

Click on the picture, which was taken on 1 April 1946, for a better view.

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Image online via the Naval Historical Center, Photo #: 80-G-260244.


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