Indiana Jones 4 - Crystal Skull - IGUAZU FALLS

This image, by Deni Williams, depicts a view of the Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side. Image online via Wikimedia Commons; License CC BY 2.0. Click on the image for a better view.


At some point in the Earth’s ancient past, a volcanic eruption left a gaping crack at the border of Argentina and Brazil. As a result of that crack, water thunderously falls.

Although two-thirds of the cascading water is in Argentina, the most spectacular part of the horseshoe falls is Garganta del Diablo (“Devil’s Throat”), best viewed from the Brazilian side. The world’s widest waterfall was named “Iguazu” (meaning “Mighty Water”) by the Guarani people who lived nearby and considered the falls a holy place.

Stunned by the power and beauty of the Iguazu, Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly said:

This makes Niagara look like a kitchen faucet!

The falls are surrounded by a nearly virgin ecosystem which is protected by both Brazil and Argentina. In addition to the stunning views, birds and other creatures make a trip to Iguazu Falls a spectacular adventure.  Let’s meet a few of those inhabitants:

Giant ants also populate the jungles near Iguazu. But non-fictional stories like this would never top what nature has in store for an explorer like Indiana Jones. So ... we will leave the story of giant ants, and what they can do to one’s adversaries, to be demonstrated by the film itself!

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