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Stanislaus Lubinetski’s treatise, Theatrum Cometicum, compiles European accounts of comets which appeared through 1665. The BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France) featured a colored copy of this book in an online exhibition.

In his general history of comets, Lubinetski addresses the once-widespread belief that comets were considered bad omens. However, he also points-out that a comet’s appearance seemed to foretell good events (as well as bad).

Librarians at the Linda Hall Library tell us more about the details of this important work:

The Theater of Comets is concerned with comets rather than stars, and each of the many maps shows the path of a comet through the heavens. The result is that each map is actually a sectional star chart, making this an important contribution to celestial cartography.

This image depicts one of the illustrations in Theatrum Cometicum (“The Theater of Comets”). Click on it for a better view.

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Image online via the BnF, from "Theatrum Cometicum," published in Amsterdam between 1667-68.




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