Irish Rebellions - by Helen Litton

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Irish history can be a bit complicated for non-Irish people trying to keep the names and events straight.  Helen Litton does a great service with her writing style and heavy use of primary sources to explain events in a clear and concise manner.

The publisher tells us more about this book:

Helen Litton turns her accessible style to the Irish rebellions between 1798 and 1916 and the major players involved, among them Wolfe Tone, Padraig Pearce, Eamon de Valera, and Michael Collins. She explores the Young Irelanders, the Fenian Brotherhood, sector societies, the Manchester Martyrs, the Easter Rising, and the growth or Sinn Fein.

This concise history uses newspaper reports, speeches, eyewitness accounts, and a mass of photographs and other illustrative material.

This book-cover image depicts Irish Rebellions, 1798-1916: An Illustrated History, byHelen Litton.

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