Iron Lady - Final Speech as Prime Minister

On the 23rd of November, 1990, the leader of the Labour Party - Neil Kinnock - brought a no-confidence vote in the House of Commons. 

He wanted to take advantage of the rupture between the Prime Minister and her cabinet to force a national election (which Labour - it was widely believed - would likely win).  If a majority of MPs voted against Mrs. Thatcher, an election would soon follow (as a matter of law).

Having resigned her position earlier that morning, Mrs. Thatcher - still the sitting Prime Minister - defended her government's actions in a lengthy Parliamentary speech.  Her efforts helped to defeat the no-confidence vote, allowing the Conservatives to remain in power.

This video clip contains some of the more-lively segments and sparring - between Mrs. Thatcher and members of the Opposition - of her no-confidence speech.

Media Credits

Edited version of Mrs. Thatcher's 23 November 1990 speech to Parliament by "thatcheritescot."  Video clip online, courtesy thatcheritescot's channel at YouTube.


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