Is It Better to Dance to Nature's Tune or to Have Nature Dance to Ours?

E.B. White—who was also known as Andy White—wrote a famous story about “Charlotte’s Web.” Years later, in a 1971 letter, he said this:

My feeling about animals is just the opposite of Disney's. He made them dance to his tune and came up with some great creations, like Donald Duck. I preferred to dance to their tune and came up with Charlotte and Wilbur.

White’s observation prompts a few questions:

What did the author of “Charlotte’s Web” mean when he said that Walt Disney made his creations—such as Donald Duck—“dance to his [Disney’s] tune?”

What did White mean when he said that he made his creations—such as Charlotte and Wilbur—dance to their own tunes?

Could we apply White’s observation to the concept of climate change—a key 21st-century issue? How?

With the concept of climate change in mind, consider these alternative positions:  Is it better to dance to nature’s tune—or—to have nature dance to our tune? Explain your answer.

Is it possible that those two alternatives are not mutually exclusive? In other words ... can we simultaneously dance to both nature's tune and to our own? Why, or why not?

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