Passion of the Christ - JESUS BEFORE HEROD

This map, by Jona Lendering (creator of the Livius website), depicts the area ruled by Herod Antipas at the time of Jesus’ trial. His areas of responsibility, depicted in light green, include the Galilee (and its town of Nazareth, where Jesus lived as a child). Antipas was in Jerusalem, for the Passover celebrations, at the time of Jesus’ trial. License:  CC0 1.0 Universal


Since Herod had authority in Galilee, and since Jesus was a Galilean, Pilate must have thought he could get rid of the problem by giving Herod Antipas jurisdiction. Herod had wanted to meet Jesus for some time, so he was willing to take on the assignment.

Asking question after question, Herod hoped he would see Jesus perform miracles, but Jesus responded only with silence. Frustrated, Herod and his soldiers mocked Jesus, gave him an elegant robe - fit for a king - and sent Him back to Pilate uncondemned.

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Original Release: Feb 01, 2004

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