JFK - Entry Wound, Fatal Shot

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This drawing depicts the right posterior head wound which fatally injured President Kennedy.  The hand at the top is that of a doctor, holding a damaged portion of the President's scalp in place. 

The illustration, drawn by Ida G. Dox, is based on an autopsy photograph and was published as Figure 13, page 104, Volume 7 (Medical and Firearms Evidence) of the Appendix to Hearings Before the Select Committee on Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives (1979).  The investigation responded to claims that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the death of the President.

Vincent Bugliosi, in Reclaiming History, notes the following (about this illustration) in Endnote (pp. 258–259):

In order for the entrance wound photograph to be taken, the autopsy surgeons lifted the president’s right shoulder from the autopsy table, and rolled him onto his left shoulder. Then, per his own testimony, Dr. Boswell gathered together these loose strands of scalp between his thumb and index finger and drew them forward across the gaping hole in the right front of the skull, thereby making the entrance wound on the back of the president’s head clearly visible to the photographer’s camera (ARRB Transcript of Proceedings, Deposition of Dr. J. Thornton Boswell, February 26, 1996, pp.97, 149–150, 164). Though the act of pulling the loose scalp forward across the top right of the head made the entrance wound visible, it also briefly covered the large exit defect on the right front side of the president’s head.

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Illustration online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.


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