Jules-Eugène Lenepveu (1819-1898), who was known as a French neoclassical artist, created this artistic impression of Joan of Arc burning at the stake. The date of her execution was May 30, 1431. Online via Wikimedia Commons.


Now Cauchon moved quickly. Joan was convicted as a relapsed heretic.

Not wanting her blood to be on their hands, Cauchon and the ecclesiastical officials turned Joan over to the state. Her punishment would be death by burning at the stake in the marketplace of Rouen.

Still Charles VII did nothing to help her. No one helped her. Joan was a woman whose ideas had come too soon.

She had predicted that in seven years the English would be driven out of France. Her prediction came true, but on May 30, 1431 the English still had powerful allies in France.

The English soldiers wanted Joan put to death. They would see to it that her courage would not be emulated by other French patriots.

Joan was terrified. She was afraid to be burned alive. Her confessor, Brother Martin L'Advenu, comforted her. While they were together, Joan and Brother Martin talked:

  • She was sure she would go to heaven at her death.
  • She asked for a crucifix so she could look upon it as the flames began to consume her.
  • She urged Brother Martin to leave her side before the flames touched his skin.

As the final charge was about to be read, English soldiers acted quickly. Due to confusion at the scene, it is questionable whether the sentence of death was actually pronounced before the soldiers set fire to the brush. This was yet another violation of minimal due process.

The crowd was noisy until the first flame touched Joan of Arc. She screamed. When she did, the crowd fell silent. All could hear her last words:


Because court officials did not want the people to venerate Joan of Arc, they had all her ashes scattered into the Seine. They wanted no relics remaining.

Despite their efforts, Joan was quickly known as a martyr.

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