Jack Robinson - Morale Officer for 761st Tank Battalion

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Lt. Col. Paul Bates, commanding officer of the 761st Tank Battalion, was so impressed with Lt. Jack Robinson's influence over the men in his unit that he appointed Robinson as "morale officer."

General Patton was impressed with the 761st, as well, and used them extensively in various battles after the battalion shipped overseas.

After showing extreme courage and bravery, during November of 1944, the men of the 761st received special accolades from Major General Manton S. Eddy:

1.  I consider the 761st Tank Battalion to have entered combat with such conspicuous courage and success as to warrant special commendation.

2.  The speed with which they adapted themselves to the front line under most adverse weather conditions, the gallantry with which they faced some of Germany's finest troops, and the confident spirit with which they emerged from their recent engagements in the vicinity of Dieuze, Morville les Vic, and Guebling entitle them surely to consider themselves of the veteran 761st. 

It is with extreme gratification that the corps commander's commendation is forwarded to you. Your battalion has supported this division with great bravery under the most adverse weather and terrain conditions. You have my sincere wish that success may continue to follow your endeavors.  (See Seven Hundred and Sixty-first "Black Panther" Tank Battalion in World War II, by Joe Wilson, at page 118.)

This image depicts the 761st unit in France during late 1944. The Department of Defense provides a photographic description:

A tank from Able Company, 761st Tank Battalion, crosses the Seille River on Nov. 9, 1944.

In short ... Jackie Robinson didn't just excel in the world of sports. He also excelled at many other things, including his military service.

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