Jackie Kennedy at President Johnson's 1963 Swearing-In

After President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas—on November 22, 1963—White House photographer, Cecil W. Stoughton, was aboard Air Force One when Lyndon Baines Johnson took the presidential oath-of-office.

The oath was administered to the new President by Sarah Hughes, a federal judge who worked in Dallas.

Newly widowed Jackie Kennedy also attended the swearing-in. This image depicts one of numerous photos which Captain Stoughton took of the event.

Curators, at the LBJ Library, list the individuals depicted in this scene:

L-R: Judge Sarah T.Hughes, Jack Valenti, Congressman Albert Thomas (behind Mrs. Johnson), Lady Bird Johnson, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lem Johns, Congressman Jack Brooks, Bill Moyers (in the back), Dr. Burkley.

In his haste to leave the plane, to get his pictures developed, Stoughton did not take a picture of President Kennedy's coffin as it rested in the aft section of the plane. Mrs. Kennedy stayed with the coffin during the flight back to Washington, D.C.

She did not change her blood-stained suit from the time she left Dallas until after she returned to Washington. She had a specific reason for that, since she wanted everyone to see—from viewing her clothes—what had happened to her husband and the father of her children.

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Original Release: Oct 13, 2015

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Media Credits

Photo by Captain Cecil W. Stoughton, official White House photographer, taken onboard Air Force One on 22 November 1963. LBJ Library image 1A-19-WH63; online via the LBJ Presidential Library. Public domain.


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