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Before attending UCLA, Jack Robinson was a student at Pasadena Junior College (PJC).  He excelled at several sports, including basketball. 

In this photo, we see Jack as a PJC Bulldog basketball star. 

Robinson became well-known throughout California as a great basketball player while he was a Bulldog at Pasadena Junior College.  We learn more about those days from Arnold Rampersad in his book Jackie Robinson:  A Biography (at page 60):

... Now well known statewide, he was lionized at a state tournament in Modesto.  "He made a decided hit with tournament fans," according to a reporter, "who cheered his every move.  The versatile Negro youth was hailed as the best sportsman and the sensation of the event."

Another reporter wrote about Jack's performance in a tight game against Compton:

In a key game against Compton, when PJC trailed at halftime for the first time all season, "Compton's old bugaboo in every sport, Jack Robinson, was the man that brought about the Compton loss."

Against Los Angeles Junior College, Robinson came through again:

...Before a howling crowd that included his brothers Frank and Mack [a 1936 Olympic silver medalist] , Jack sank a free throw with twelve seconds remaining to give the Bulldogs a victory.  Scoring 26 of his team's 49 points, he also broke his own record for the most points ever by a Bulldog in a game. 

"The phenomenal Negro athlete," the Post reported, "played one of his best games, dropping shot after shot as the bewildered Cubs attempted to guard him."  Winning its next two contests, PJC took the conference crown.  (All quoted passages, Rampersad, at page 60.)


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Jack Robinson, as a Pasadena Junior College Bulldog, online courtesy Robinson Foundation via Earlham College.


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