Jackie Robinson - Breaking Baseball's Color Barrier

This clip, from Jackie Robinson:  A Life Story, includes interviews with Jackie Robinson and features segments from his baseball-playing days.  Robinson broke the "color barrier" of baseball when he took the field, as a Brooklyn Dodger, on the 15th of April, 1947.

A few years before, in a situation which is not widely known, Jackie did something else to further the cause of civil rights.  Before Rosa Parks' act of courage in refusing to give-up her seat on a bus, Robinson did the same.  An officer in the U.S. Army, at the time, Lt. Robinson was court-martialed for his refusal to "move to the back of the bus."

He was found "not guilty" of any wrongdoing.

Learn more about it by examining the actual case documents (which are maintained at the National Archives).

Nine days after Jackie Robinson appeared at the World Series, featured in this video clip, he died - of a heart attack - at the age of 53.

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Clip from Jackie Robinson:  A Life Story (2003), online courtesy cafeurban's channel at YouTube.


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