Jackie Robinson - Letter to Branch Rickey, Pg 2

This is the second page of Jackie Robinson's 1950 letter to Branch Rickey, following Rickey's departure from the Dodgers' organization.

Robinson wrote the letter in the Dominican Republic, while he was there for spring training (in 1950).

The following is the text of the letter's second page (split into paragraphs for easier reading):

sell but I am smart enough to know that a person does not sell a growing thing unless there is some misunderstanding some place but I do want to wish you and your family the very best of everything and sincerely hope that you are able to bring to Pittsburg just what you did to Brooklyn and St. Louis.

I hope to end my playing in Brooklyn as it means so very much but if I have to go any place I hope it can be with you.
My wife joins me in saying thanks very much Mr. Rickey and we sincerely hope that we can always be regarded as your friend and whenever we need advice we can call on you as usual regardless of where we may be.

My very best wishes to you and yours and a hope for your continued success.

Sincerely yours,
Jackie Robinson

See Page 1, to examine (and read) the letter's first page.

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Media Credits

Second page of 1950 letter from Jackie Robinson to Branch Rickey, after Rickey left the Dodgers organization.  Online, courtesy Rachel Robinson and the Library of Congress.


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