Jackie Robinson to President Kennedy - Pg 2

This image depicts the second page of a three-page telegram which Jackie Robinson sent to President Kennedy on the 15th of June, 1963.  In it, Robinson warns JFK what could happen if harm came to Dr. King:

...Should harm come to Dr. King to add to the misery which decent Americans of both races experienced with the murder of Mr. Evers the restraint of many people all over the nation might burst its bonds and bring about a brutal bloody holocaust the like of which this country has not seen.  I therefore implore you in the spirit of your recent magnificent appeal for justice to utilize every federal facility to protect a man sorely needed for this era.  For to millions Martin King symbolizes the bearing forward of the torch for freedom so savagely wrested from the dying grip of...

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Media Credits

Image of telegram, online courtesy U.S. National Archives.


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