Jacobo Timerman: The Conscience of a Nation - Jacobo Gains New Vision

When Jacobo was in high school, he joined a group that was dedicated to the formation of the State of Israel.  The group was called "Acuca"—the Hebrew word for "torch." 

The group met on Saturdays and the place their meetings were held had ping-ping tables, chess sets and a library.  It was like a whole new world for Jacobo and he enjoyed having fun with his new friends—something he never experienced before.

Acuca also introduced Jacobo to new ideas that had a profound influence on him.  Every week, one of the Jewish boys gave a talk about Jewish history.  The group was actively opposed to fascism and protested the dictatorships of General Franco in Spain, Adolf Hitler in Germany, and Benito Mussolini in Italy. They would sometimes march in a public square in Buenos Aires waving a blue and white flag with the Star of David on it.  

Jacobo would join them at night to erase anti-Jewish graffiti from walls around the city.  Once the group attacked a man speaking against Jews and Jacobo's brother was arrested.  Jacobo stood outside the police station crying until his brother was released.

When Jacobo was fifteen, two visitors came to an Acuca meeting.  They spoke about a new Jewish state where there could be equal rights and freedom of expression.  Jacobo set his sights on working for this cause--not only for Jews but so all people could live free of dictatorship.

Original Release: Sep 22, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

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