Jacques d'Arc - Father of Joan of Arc

Jacques d'Arc-Father of Joan of Arc

Jacques d'Arc (sometimes written as Jacquot d'Arc) was Joan of Arc's father.  He was born between 1375-80 and died (according to various accounts) in either 1431 (a broken man, because of his daughter's death) or 1440. 

Joan talked about her father when she was questioned by Jean Delafontaine (see, "Third Private Examination"), noting his concerns about her efforts to help the French battle the English:

Did not your father have dreams about you before your departure?

When I was still with my father and mother, my mother told me many times that my father had spoken of having dreamed that I, Jeannette, his daughter, went away with the men-at-arms. My father and mother took great care to keep me safe, and held me much in subjection. I obeyed them in everything, except in the case at Toul - the action for marriage.

I have heard my mother say that my father told my brothers 'Truly, if I thought this thing would happen that I have dreamed about my daughter, I would wish you to drown her; and, if you would not do it, I would drown her myself!' He nearly lost his senses when I went to Vaucouleurs.

Did these thoughts and dreams come to your father after you had your visions?

Yes, more than two years after I had heard my first Voice.

One can only imagine the pride Joan's father had in his daughter, as she led French troops to victory, and then the extreme sorrow he would have felt when he learned about her fate at the hands of her enemies.

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Image of monument, illustrating Jacques d'Arc, online courtesy Jeanne-darc.dk.

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Quoted passage, from the examination of Joan of Arc, online courtesy St. Joan Center.


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