James Benjamin Parker and the McKinley Assassination

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James Benjamin Parker saw Leon Czolgosz approach President McKinley with a handkerchief in his hand.  That handkerchief was covering a revolver the assassin planned to use to shot McKinley at point-blank range.

After Parker heard the shots, he immediately reacted, tackling Czolgosz.  His actions likely prevented a third shot from the murder weapon.

Parker gave an interview to the Buffalo Times.  It includes these words:

I went to the Temple of Music to hear what speeches might be made. I got in line and saw the President. I turned to go away as soon as I learned that there was to be only a handshaking.

The crowd was so thick that I could not leave. I was startled by the shots. My fist shot out and I hit the man on the nose and fell upon him, grasping him about the throat.

I believe that if he had not been suffering pain he would have shot again. I know that his revolver was close to my head. I did not think about that then though.

Then came Mr. Foster, Mr. Ireland and Mr. Gallagher. There was that marine, too.

I struck the man, threw up his arm and then went for his throat. It all happened so quickly I can hardly say what happened, except that the secret service man came right up.

Czolgosz is very strong. I am glad that I am a strong man also or perhaps the result might not have been what it was.

By all accounts, James Benjamin Parker was a true hero on the day President McKinley was assassinated. He selflessly risked injury to himself to prevent further injury to the President.

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