Jim Braddock - Cinderella Man

Jim Braddock stunned boxing fans and earned a nickname—"The Cinderella Man"—when he staged one of the greatest comebacks in boxing history.

We learn more about his comeback from the Daily Mail:

The granite-chinned Irish American turned pro in 1926 and within three years had won 44 of his 48 fights but the pressure told and his right hand suffered recurring fractures.

He had to quit boxing and worked as a docker but started training again despite his hand being so badly damaged.

Instead, he concentrated on his left hand and made it stronger than his right. In 1934 he returned to the ring as “fodder,” but beat title contender John Griffin.

Three more wins followed before he stunned the boxing world by beating Max Baer on points in 1935 to become world heavyweight champion.

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Boxing.com; Unnamed photographer


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