John Brown and the Raid at Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry is the place where John Brown (an abolitionist) led a notorious raid on the town's federal armory.  His plan was to free slaves, in Virginia, by force. 

Some historians think Brown's actions on that day - October 16, 1859 - may have been a spark which led Americans to fight a civil war. 

West Virginia Public Broadcasting has produced a story about Harpers Ferry and John Brown's raid.  Part of the Outlook series, this 26-minute episode is split into two parts:

This Outlook program focuses on Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (previously Virginia). The first section explores the birth and history of this pre-civil war, industrial town. The second section focuses on the abolitionist, John Brown, and his raid on the armory and town of Harpers Ferry.

Media Credits

Video online, courtesy WV Public Broadcasting's channel at YouTube.

Outlook episode produced by Bob Wilkinson, Cecelia Mason and Larry Dowling. 


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