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John Robinson was the much-loved pastor of the Pilgrims while they were living in Leiden, The Netherlands. It was Robinson's idea that America could provide a way for his congregation members to remain loyal to their King but also have the ability to workship as they pleased.

It was also Rev. Robinson's plan to sail to America, to join his congregation members, at a later date.  He was unable to follow-through with his plan, however, because he became ill and died in Leiden.  

This image depicts the 1891 memorial plaque, in Leiden, which honors Robinson's memory.  It says:

The Mayflower, 1620
In memory of
Rev. John Robinson, M.A.
Pastor of the English Church worshiping over against
this spot. A.D. 1609–1625, whence at his prompting
went forth
to settle New England
in 1620
Buried under this house of worship, 4 mar. 1625
AEt XLIX years
In memoria aeterna erit justus.
Erected by the national council of the congregational
churches of the United States of America
A.D. 1891

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