Kauai - The Garden Island

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This map depicts the main locations on Kauai, "The Garden Island" (also called the "Island of Discovery").

Note, in the center of the map, a reference to Mount Waialeale.  An ancient volcanic crater, Mt Waialeale was a sacred place to ancient Hawaiians (and remains so in Hawaiian culture). 

Waialeale is known as one of the wettest places (if not the wettest place) on Earth.  NOAA's rainfall-graph website reports that by the 29th of November, Mount Waialeale's annual rainfall - for 2011 - was 326.96 inches. 

With 90 miles of coastline, Kauai measures 33 miles long, 25 miles wide and includes a total area of 549 square miles.

Known for its beauty, Kauai was the filming location for popular movies such as Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark and King Kong

Click on the map for a better view.

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