Kolyma - Soviet-Era Slave Labor

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This image depicts the box-cover of a documentary film on Kolyma, a Stalinist-era slave-labor camp located in Siberia.

The "Product Description" tells us more about the contents of this film:

In Communist Russia, power was obtained and maintained through fear and violence.  Many citizens were branded “Enemies of the State” and were taken away from their homes and families to be sent to Siberian concentration camps.

Under the guise of mining for gold and other minerals needed for the war effort, the prisoners of these camps were brutally abused both mentally and physically. Sadly, many of those imprisoned at the Kolyma camp were guilty only of falling victim to the Communist paranoia of the times.

Through starvation, disease, sub-freezing temperatures and random executions, over two million Russian citizens lost their lives in these camps. Kolyma was the worst of these camps.

This award-winning documentary is based on eye witness accounts, archival records, surviving documentary footage and new footage of the remains of the Kolyma camps. This film's shocking descriptions of history will leave viewers with a sobering reminder that lest we learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it.

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