Unknown to Leopold, only four people in the Chicago area had a prescription for his type of lenses. Because Leopold rarely wore those glasses, he didn't realize they were in his jacket when he and Loeb killed Bobby Franks. And ... he didn't realize they were missing. Poor Nathan. His life was about to get jammed with lots of unwanted surprises.

In the meantime, even though Leopold and Loeb thought no one knew Bobby was dead, investigative reporters from The Chicago Daily News were on to something. They knew about both the Chicago kidnapping and the Indiana unidentified body. They started to put the evidence together. Leopold and Loeb had no idea their plan was already off track.

Expecting Mr. Franks to show up with the ransom money, the murderers were surprised when he didn't come. Leopold and Loeb soon learned why he had ignored their instructions. The headlines of The Chicago Daily News screamed at them.

Their plan had gone awry. The body that would never be found turned up. The hydrochloric acid had not done its job. Jacob and Flora knew their son was dead.

As "chance" circumstances continued to work against them, Leopold and Loeb's "perfect crime" continued to unravel. At the time of Bobby's funeral, no one knew that the teenager across the street had killed his neighbor. By the time Bobby Franks' family had his remains interred at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Chicago, Richard Loeb still thought he was smarter than everyone else around him.

He would learn, very soon, that he was wrong. He would learn, very soon, that he needed the help of the greatest lawyer in Chicago at the time - Clarence Darrow.

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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5155stories and lessons created

Original Release: Oct 01, 1999

Updated Last Revision: Jan 23, 2014

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