Student Stories on the Colossus of Rhodes - Le Colosse de Rhodes a.k.a the Magnificent Colossus of Rhodes by Janiyah McAllister and Nicolas Labrada

Le Colosse de Rhodes (a/k/a The Magnificent Colossus of Rhodes)

The Basics

When Alexander the Great died, his successors could not agree on things and his vast empire was divided into three parts. The Rhodians sided with Ptolemy and against Antigonus who had a son called Demetrius. When Demetrius invaded Rhodes, with 200 ships and about 40,000 men, he lost the war to the Rhodians.

To show thanks for their victory, the people of Rhodes had the idea to have a statue of their Sun God, “Helios,” standing on the ground, and above the harbor, proudly saluting his Worshipers.

What To Expect To See

The Colossus is no longer where its original location was, way back when the Rhodians were building it. It was first located in Rhodes, part of Ancient Greece. You can no longer see Rhodos Heykeli.

The huge statue was constructed with the leftover weapons of Demetruius. The Rhodians were able to sell Demetrius’ weapons and use the money to build their Colossus. The outside was constructed from bronze from the outside.

Who Built It?

According to Awesome Stories, the statue was built by the Rhodians in honor of their sun god. It was also used as a remembrance of their victory against Demetrius. They used many materials such as leftover weapon material. So you can say that their opponents contributed to this in some type of way.

When Was It Created

The Colossus of Rhodes is believed to be created in about 305 BCE. It was created after the war of the Rhodians and Demetruis. According to another source, the statue opened for public observation in 280 B.C. It was then destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC, which means that it stood for 54 years.

How was the Colossus of Rhodes Built?

The Colossus was invented by Chares of Lindos who was a sculptor who originally designed the Colossus. On the other hand the Colossus was built by the many Rhodians, but what was the Colossus’ building material? The Colossus was built from a wooden base and layered with bronze from what Demetruis left behind including the weapons they left behind.

Extra Facts

  • Colossus was built with 15 tons of bronze and 9 tons of iron
  • The statue took 12 years to complete
  • It took approximately 900 camels to carry the scrap metal
  • Ptholemy III the king of Eygpt offered to pay for the reconstruction of the Colossus

See the footnotes for the sources we used.

Original Release: May 22, 2017

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