Leo Bellarts Chief Radioman on Itasca

As the Chief Radioman aboard U.S. Coast Guard cutter Itasca, on the day Amelia Earhart disappeared, Leo Bellarts heard Earhart's transmissions as she searched for Howland Island.

Bellarts reported that Earhart's voice began to reflect growing concern as her plane was running out of fuel:

If you could have heard the last transmission, the frantic note and near hysteria in her voice you also would be convinced of her fate...

Bellarts believed that Amelia and Fred Noonan, her navigator, ran out of fuel about 100 miles from Howland Island.

This image, which is online courtesy Leo's son David Bellarts, depicts the Chief Radioman aboard Itasca on July 2, 1937—the day Earhart and Noonan disappeared. The exact timing of the photo is unknown.

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Media Credits

Image of Leo Bellarts onboard the Itasca—taken at an unknown time of day on July 2, 1937—is online courtesy David Bellarts (Leo's son). Photographer unnamed. Public Domain.


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