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Lina Radke, a German-born athlete, refused to be intimidated by cultural limitations on females participating in sports.  She was the first woman to win the 800-meter race (during the modern Olympics), setting a record (in the Amsterdam 1928 games) which lasted until 1944.

During Lina’s era, including the 1928 Olympics, running (among other sports) was considered too exhausting for female athletes.  Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics, agreed with that assessment.

Born in Baden-Baden, Lina Batschauer (as she was known in her youth) was a pioneer for female athletes.  When she married, her husband and coach (Georg Radke) also supported female participation in sporting events. 

After the 1934 World Women's Games, Lina retired from competitive sports.

When she was 79, Lina Radke (1903-1983) died in the German city of Karlsruhe.  Beyond her personal accomplishments, we remember her today for refusing to believe that sports participation was too-demanding for women and girls.

This image depicts Lina as she appeared in 1928.  She is wearing her official Olympics uniform.

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Image of Lina Radke online, courtesy Baden-Baden (a German-language website).




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