Londinium - A Roman Town on the Thames

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The country we know today as England was once part of the Roman Empire. Rome called its province Britannia and ruled the land—with varying degrees of effectiveness—for nearly four centuries (beween 43-410 AD).

A Roman ruler—Julius Caesar—had earlier tried to conquer Britain, but he was distracted by events in Gaul (today's France). It was the Emperor Claudius who sent an army to Britain to subdue the native people and establish this faraway province as a jewel in Claudius' crown.

First-century people living throughout today's United Kingdom were never totally subdued, however, and it took decades for Rome to exert its control over Wales.

Historians believe that the first bridge across the Thames River was built during Roman rule of a town, known in Latin, as Londinium (today's London). The Museum of London has a model of how the town, and its bridge, may have looked between 85-90 AD.

Archaeologists believe the bridge, depicted in the model, was likely near the location of today's London Bridge. Included, in the model, are replicas of river boats (as seen in the foreground of this picture) and a sea-going ship (seen at its top-right).

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Image of model, located at the Museum of London, by Steven G. Johnson, online via Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 3.0


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