Lucky Luciano - Gang Member

Rising in power, Charlie Luciano was not afraid to change his allegiance between various "bosses."  When he reached the top, Luciano organized a commission - within the criminal underworld - to run "the mob's" various criminal enterprises.

Although his face was scarred by the aftermath of smallpox, which he'd contracted as a child, Luciano liked to dress well.  He also found a suitable place to live - at the Waldorf Towers - which greatly impressed people.

Luciano was most interested, however, in furthering his career.  Maintaining a high profile, Charlie enjoyed the "high life," even though his close friend - Meyer Lansky - warned him about being too visible.  As it happened, Lucky should have listened to his friend.

In 1935, Thomas E. Dewey - who would later run twice, unsuccessfully, to become President of the United States - took a keen interest in Luciano's activities.  He, and his special-prosecutor staff, worked hard to go after racketeers and criminals. 

Luciano was about to be convicted for offenses so severe that he would get a life sentence in prison.

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Clip from "Lucky Luciano:  Chairman of the Mob," a 1987 production from A&E Home Video.  Online, courtesy A&E and YouTube.  Copyright, A&E, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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