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Clarence S. Darrow was known for his passionate, brilliant arguments on behalf of his clients. He wasn’t exactly known as “a spiffy dresser.” His words, not his appearance, carried the day. This image depicts Darrow arguing his case to Judge Caverly, pleading that the court should spare his clients’ lives. This image is from the cover of a pamphlet containing his plea for mercy and the prosecutor’s plea for the death penalty. Online via the Clarence Darrow Digital Collection at University of Minnesota’s Law Library.


Now that you have a brief outline of the famous case of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, you may want to learn more about them and their trial. On September 10, 1924, The Chicago Daily News gave an excellent account of how Loeb's plan unraveled.

If you'd like to know more about the people, the places, and the actual trial itself, the University of Missouri at Kansas City Law School has an excellent website on the case.

Was this a crime of compulsion? Here's what one writer thinks. The book includes extensive quotes from Darrow's final argument.

Most of the pictures linked in this story, taken by The Chicago Daily News, are archived at the Library of Congress. To locate more information, search the American Memory Collections.

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