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Louis Zamperini first saw Cynthia Applewhite - his future wife - at the Macfadden-Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach.  This is a vintage view of the place.

The postcard's description tells us more:

The Macfadden-Deauville Cabana is not only of the gayest sports on the Atlantic coastline but is recognized as one of the finest bathing centers in the world.  In addition to the 100 cabanas that decorate the 500 foot private beach there are many large locker-dressing rooms for non-club members.  All Deauville hotel patrons are entitled to free membership in the Cabana club.

The Special Collections Division, of the University of Miami, also contains postcard pictures of the hotel as it would have appeared when Zamp met CynthiaOne of those postcards provides more background information:

On the Ocean at 67th Street, Miami Beach 41, Florida. Most nationally known resort hotel and cabana club in Florida. World's largest outdoor salt water swimming pool, featuring new diving tower. Air conditioned dining room and cocktail lounge. Beach terrace for outdoor dining. Open all year.


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Vintage postcard of the Macfadden-Deauville Club, at Miami Beach, online courtesy CardCow.com.


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