Marcus Aurelius - Meditations

Marcus Aurelius, who lived between 121-180 AD, was more than a Roman emperor.  He was also a philosopher whose Meditations are still studied.

Likely written while the Emperor was on a military campaign, these Meditations give us a window into the thought processes of a man in charge of an Empire. Note that Marcus Aurelius wrote his original manuscript in Greek, not Latin.

The Emperor advocates Stoic philosophy in these Meditations.  Among other things, he believes that a person is harmed by others only when one's own reaction to a bad event becomes overpowering. 

Thanks to Google Books, you can view these philosophical musings online.  And ... if you'd like to hear them, follow the link to an audio version at LibriVox

Media Credits

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, online courtesy Google Books.  Front cover online, courtesy Amazon.


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