Martha Mittie Roosevelt - TR's Mother

Martha Mittie Roosevelt Mother of Theodore Roosevelt

Martha Mittie Roosevelt was the mother of President Theodore Roosevelt.  He adored her - as did many other people.  TR included this photograph of her in his autobiography.

The National Park Service tells us more about TR’s mother - a very interesting lady:

Mittie was considered a true southern belle who possessed great beauty, charm, and spirit. It is believed that the character of Scarlett O'Hara in Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind is partly based on her.

Mittie was an unreconstructed confederate until the day she died, and her brothers James and Irvine served for the Confederate forces.

Theodore Roosevelt Sr. (the future President's father) did his part to support the Union forces as an Allotment Commissioner who met with President Lincoln and lobbied Congress for programs to support the northern troops.

On Valentine’s Day - in 1884 - Mittie died of typhoid fever.  She was 48 years old and died on the very same day as her daughter-in-law, Alice Lee Roosevelt (Theodore’s wife).

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