Mary, Queen of Scots and Darnley - Time of Marriage

This image depicts a formal document, signed by Mary, Queen of Scots and her new husband, Henry Stuart (Lord Darnley).

The document says, among other things:

We understandine that o[u]r umq[uhi]le derest moyer in uore absence berand office of regentrie of o[u]r Realme In o[u]r name c[on]fermet ratifeit & apprevit ye chart[er] of fewferme maid be ye co[m]mendatar and co[n]vent of oure abbay of newbothill..

Translated into something understandable today, the document is signed by Mary (Marie R) and Henry (Henry R).  In Mary’s case, "R" means Regina (Queen); in Henry’s case, "R" means Rex (King).  So ... they have signed this as Queen and King of Scotland.

This official document was signed at Holyrood House - the couple’s royal palace in Edinburgh - on the 4th of August, 1565.  It acknowledges the grant by Mary of Guise (Mary of Scot’s mother), during her regency of the Abbey of Newbothill to Alexander Home, son of John Home of Coldenknows, with a license to remove any tenants.

The document is significant particularly because of the joint signatures of Mary and her new husband.  They had been married about a month when they signed their names on this document.

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Media Credits

Document, signed by Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, 4 August 1565 - online, courtesy Christie's.  Document part of the Spiro Family Collection.



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