Mary Reached Out to Jesus - "Noli me Tangere"

Mary Reached Out to Jesus -

Titian created this famous painting - “Noli me Tangere” - c. 1514.  The oil-on-canvas measures 110.5 x 91.9 cm (43.5 x 36.18 inches).  It is currently owned by the National Gallery in London.

The Gallery’s curators tell us more about this work:

Christ appears to the Magdalen after the Resurrection to comfort her. At first she thinks he is a gardener; when she recognises him he tells her not to touch him - 'noli me tangere' (let no one touch me) - as told in the Gospels (John 20: 14-18).

Elsewhere, the Bible records that Christ will soon ascend to heaven and send the Holy Spirit down to his followers: he does not want them to cling to his physical presence.

X-ray photographs show that Christ was originally painted wearing a gardener's hat and turning away from the Magdalen. The landscape was also drastically altered while the work was in progress.

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