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Photograph of Maude Adams as Peter Pan, taken in October, 1916. Ms. Adams was the first American to have the role of "Peter Pan" in any U.S. production of the famous play.

This image is included in a book about Charles Frohman, by Isaac F. Marcosson and Daniel Frohman, entitled Charles Frohman:  Manager and Man.  The authors make the following observations about Frohman and his very-famous star, Maude Adams:

Miss Adams's career as a star unfolds a panorama of artistic and practical achievement unequaled in the life of any American star.  It likewise reveals a paradox all its own.

While millions of people have seen and admired her, only a handful of people know her.  The aloofness of the woman in her personal attitude toward the public represents Charles Frohman's own ideal of what stage artistry and conduct should be.

It is illustrated in what was perhaps the keenest epigram he ever made.  He was talking about people of the stage who constantly air themselves and their views to secure personal publicity.  It moved him to this remark:

"Some people prefer mediocrity in the lime-light to greatness in the dark."

Herein he summed up the reason why Miss Adams has been an elusive and almost mysterious figure.  By tremendous reading, solitary thinking, and extraordinary personal application she rose to her great eminence.  With her it has always been a creed of career first.  Like Charles Frohman, she has hidden behind her activities, and they form a worthy rampart.

The history of the stage records no more interesting parallel than the one afforded by these two people - each a recluse, yet each known to the multitudes.

Maude Adams never married. She died in 1953, at home, after she decided to take a nap and never worke up.

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