Meyer Lansky - Friend of Lucky Luciano

Close to Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky helped his friend reach the top of the criminal world.  As second-in-command, Lansky (together with his mentor) enjoyed the illegal fruits of Prohibition - until America ended the highly unpopular law.

Not long thereafter, Luciano was arrested for wrongdoing, and Lansky took control of Lucky's operations.  Money flowed, according to Meyer's lawyer (Joseph Varon). 

When Lansky opened casinos in Florida, people with money flocked to play at his tables.  His reputation for honesty was helping to attract customers.

By the late 1940s, Lansky was making a great deal of money from his Florida casinos.  His first wife Anne, however, was tired of the marriage and divorced her husband.  Thereafter, she suffered a mental breakdown.

In 1948, Lansky married for a second time.  Although his personal life was back on an even footing, his business life would soon be in serious trouble. 

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