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Muscovy was in its infancy when Daniel Aleksandrovich—the youngest son of a Rurik prince called Alexander Nevsky (Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Kiev and Grand Prince of Vladimir)—became its ruler (and forefather of all the Grand Princes of Muscovy). 

Born in 1261, Daniel was given the tiny principality of Muscovy when his father died.  He created peace in Moscow, without bloodshed, and ruled for about 30 years. 

Legends tell us that Daniel was popular with his subjects and respected for his humility, meekness and peacefulness.  He died in 1303. 

He and his wife, Maria, had six children.  The youngest was Ivan I of Muscovy.

This painting, by Apollinari Vasnetsov (1864-1933), depicts how Daniel may have interacted with his subjects. 

Called Court of a Feudal Russian Prince, the painting reflects a time when Russian towns were mostly made of wood (and Moscow was little more than a fort in the middle of Central Rus').

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