Myra Bradwell - America's First Woman Lawyer

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Although she was America's first female lawyer, Myra Bradwell (1831-94) is little-known today.  It was not always thus.

The author of this work tells us about the true impact of this pioneering female:

Upon her death, one legal commentator characterized her as "one of the most remarkable women of her generation and one who had no small share in making that generation what it is."

She was a leading advocate for civil rights:

As America's "first" woman lawyer and also as publisher and editor-in-chief of an extremely prestigious and widely circulated newspaper, Myra Bradwell did more to create rights for women and other legally handicapped persons than did any other woman of her day, or perhaps any day.  Yet the names of many of her female contemporaries are known to all, while Myra Bradwell has, sadly, been consigned to obscurity.

Who was she?  Find out more about her in this book. 

Thanks to Prometheus Books and Google Books, much of America's First Woman Lawyer, by Jane M. Friedman, is available for online reading.

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