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After 15 years of delivering stories to teachers and students to launch investigations, considerations, depth of knowledge and revelations -- we have turned the tables!

We are asking students to tell us tales from whence they come! The first students to engage are from New Jersey, lead by Awesome Teacher Leader Patricia Paugh, a reading and writing tutor and library media specialist at Central Middle School in Stirling, NJ. 

Students from around the U.S.and around the world are invited to research and write stories, corroborated by multimedia files, about their home place. Any angle is fair game-- the geology, geography, history, myths, arts, sports, science heroes-- you choose your topic. 

We begin though, in New Jersey, where George Washington lead the troups and slept on the ground and in seemingly hundreds of inns (if you count all the "George Washington slept here" signs.)  

Some folks think of New Jersey as a vast turnpike into New York City-- a turnpike gated by a Governor-- little realizing that it is indeed "the garden state" with the best tomatoes, peaches and corn in the world. (Biased? perhaps, afterall, I, too come from New Jersey.)

From Princeton and Rutgers Universities to the Atlantic City of Nucky Thompson, now bearing the imprimateur of Donald Trump, New Jersey is diverse!

So let's sit back and see what the students of New Jersey can tell us about this fascinating state!

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