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Joseph Gary Sheahan, a military artist, created this illustration in 1944. It is online, courtesy the U.S. Army Center of Military History. Click on the image for a better view.


What was the situation at Omaha Beach? Much the same as the other four beaches where Allied soldiers braved artillery fire, mortar attacks and all-around danger. Let's take a look at what they endured that day.

  • Before D-Day, German 75-mm guns were in place (see the foreground of this picture) on Omaha Beach. 
  • In addition to natural barriers at Vierville Draw (and elsewhere), landing troops had to contend with German-built "pillboxes," which shielded enemy guns aimed at approaching Allies. 
  • The artificial "port," created off Vierville Draw, was destroyed two weeks later during the massive storm of June 21st.
  • Les Moulins Draw area, viewed from the east.
  • Troops ferried to Omaha Beach carried M1903 rifles and M1 carbines.
  • After the landings, sunken ships formed a breakwater just off Les Moulins Draw.
  • Men of the 1st Division, loaded with equipment, waded through the cold surf toward shore.
  • Despite setbacks, the Omaha Beach assault troops achieved success, although the outcome of their objectives was not clear by the end of June 6th.
  • An aerial view of Omaha Beach the day after D-Day.

Thousands of Allies, who attempted D-Day landings, remained in France. The quiet of their final resting place tells us little of the horrors of their deaths.

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