Officials Confiscate Food from Ukrainian Families

Implementing Stalin’s orders, to make sure that Ukrainian families are not hiding food which is supposed to be turned-over to the government, officials visit villagers. This photo, from the 1932-33 era, depicts officials carrying out Stalin’s orders.

The photo, by an unnamed photographer, is maintained at the National Museum in Kiev. It is part of a “Memorial in Commemoration of Famines’ Victims in Ukraine” and is online via the Holodomor Research & Education Consortium.

Curators, at the museum, describe the activities depicted in the photo:

This is a black and white image taken in the 1932-33 [era] and depicts officials standing on a villager’s property, outside the house, looking for food stored in the ground.

They did this by using long thin rods that they would press into the ground in what would seemingly be soft locations, if the rod went easily into the ground and then abruptly stopped they would dig to find what had stopped the rod.

In this picture you can see two barrels have been found and confiscated using this method.

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Media Credits

Photo, by an unnamed photographer, depicts Soviet officials confiscating food hidden by a Ukrainian farmer. Maintained by the National Museum, in Kiev, the image is part of "Memorial in Commemoration of Famines’ Victims in Ukraine." It is online via the Holodomor Research & Education Consortium.


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