Olympic Statue - 490 B.C.

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Running was a popular sport during the Ancient Olympics. Male athletes participated without clothing.

This statue, depicting an Ancient-Olympics runner, was created circa 490 B.C. It is maintained by the Archaeological Museum Olympia, at Olympia (Greece).

We learn more about the specifics of this statue from "Odysseys," a Greek website from the Ministry of Culture and Sports:

The athlete is shown in running motion on top of a rectangular, stepped base. He has his arms out stretched as is his left leg. On his right thigh is the inscription:

"I am of Zeus"

The work is from an Argive workshop, and is dated to 490 B.C.

From time to time, the artifact is featured in other exhibitions, such as at the Martin Gropius Bau Museum (in Berlin, Germany). This image was taken while the statue was on-loan in Berlin.

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Image, described above, online via "The European Spectator."



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